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Jemuel has purchased some new software for his business, but now he needs to get it implemented. This is going to require a lot of time and attention that he does not have at the moment.

Jemuel has taken a look at the software a few times, and has tried to implement it off the corner of his desk. He has even roped in some of his staff to help, however he is beginning to realise that this is going to require more effort than doing it off the corner off the desk.

Jemuel has come to realise that he needs to hire an external person to help him implement this software. While the Vendor has put him intouch with some professionals that specialise in implementing this particular software, they are expensive. He needs to find some-one that has experience implementing lots of solutions with great sucess.


“My Business is doing well, and I would like to get some custom software built for my web site to help automate some of my business processes, “

Dave has a good idea of what he wants the software to do, but he has no idea of where to start. He has heard about MVP’s, and apps etc, and people have told him he should go with a cloud solution, but is a little intimidated to start the process.

Dave needs to find someone familiar with all of this that can act a s a Product and Project manager for him. Some-one that knows what the true market prices are like and can help design the basic model.


“My Business is doing really well, but I recently heard about one page strategic plans and planning by the quarter rather than the year. I would like to try this approach.”

Mohamed has read various web pages that talk about it and watched many YouTube video’s related to the topic. He has a fairly good idea of what he needs to do, but he would really value the help of some one that has implemented this sort of planning in the past.

As a Business Coach that has worked in a small company of thirty employees and used the one page strategic plan approach, with planning done by the quarter, I would be able to coach him through the process to ensure it ran well.


“My Business is doing well, but I really want to implement a new process. Every time I try something goes wrong. I know its a great idea to do, but I need some help.”

Siobhan has read some books and watched many YouTube video’s related to process improvement and also researched the sort of policies and processes she needs, but she is finding it harder to implement than she thought it would be.


Siobhan would benefit from an independent set of eyes to review the approach and perhaps redesign the solution.

Then  Siobhan would benefit further from some coaching related to:

  • Goal setting and project management.
  • Design thinking.
  • Employee review processes.

Siobhan may also benefit from a review of her employee handbook.


“My business has grown but the profits haven’t improved.”

Omari has read lots of blogs recently but the problem is that he can’t really associate them to his business dilema.

Omari needs to figure out a way of balancing the cost of hiring new employees with making more profit.

The costs of employees are in direct corelation with the profit he makes.  This will require a deep di ve into all of his overhead costs vs incommings before a decision can be made. 


“I have created a strategic plan for the year, and their are lots of projects that need to be done, but I do not have time to project manage them all”

Xavier has tried to project manage some of these himself, but has found that he either loses focus on other things, or ends up doing this off the side of his desk.

Xavier needs some-one familiar with project management to project manage these for him. Someone that will keep him in the loop with any progress, and make sure he is involved with all decisions.


“My Business is doing well, but I really want to improve some of my skills, especially Spreadsheets and usnig more of the features of Outlook.”


Gráinne has read some books and watched many YouTube video’s related to different topics from Listening skills to more advanced use of Spreadsheets. While she has learnt a lot of useful skills and made some great improvements, she is not really sure what she wants to improve next, but would like something relevant to her business growth.

Gráinne would benefit from talking to a Coach about different skills that she could improve, and for her to perhaps do a personal SWOT analysis of her skill set.

A business coach could then tailor some skills coaching to her specific needs. 

This could be a mix of soft skills and IT Skills such as Excel Spreadsheets, or even design thinking or business analysis.

Making videos with a small budget


Getting started with social media advertising.

Writing engaging social media posts and Blog writing.

There is always something to learn.

Tim and Amina

“Every year we create a strategic plan but we never  seem to manage to action it

Both Amina and Tim have discussed the plan with thier employees and got their buy in, but year after year they are so busy with the day to day work the plan soon gets forgotten about,

They need to look at goal setting and regularly meet with everyone to discuss progress and obstacles.  Some help with the process in the early days would get them moving quickly in the right direction.




“My business is going well, but I would like to have some metrics so that I can be more data driven in my decision making.”

Sherrie has read lots of blogs recently that talk about business intelligence and why you should be using it to drive your business decisions. The problem is that she really doesn’t know where to start. What should she be measuring first and why?

Does she need some lagging indicators to start with? How much data will she need to collect before she can see the patterns she is looking for?


Sherrie really needs some one who is used to working with big data and data mining to help her figure out what the best metrics would be and where she can get the data from.

After this they could both work together to start to find thepatterns that will help .

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