Boost Productivity by using software effectively

Boost productivity by using  software effectively.

Have you ever sat there and thought to yourself, there must be a better way of doing this? The main problem is that we are all busy people and often do not have the time to find better ways of doing daily tasks.

Here are some ideas that you may want to investigate further, if you are not already utilising them.

Starting with outlook

I will assume that you are already using your Outlook Calendar effectively, but have you ever thought of using multiple calendars?

e.g staff vacation calendar, marketing calendar, personal and work calendars.

You can display each calendar separately or as an over lay. This way you can easily filter out information you do not need to see or overlay it all together.

Do you use Email Templates for those common responses?

Do you use Outlook for Task Management – Make your To-Do list work for you

How well are you managing your contact lists? Do you have different contact lists for friends and family, Business, domestic services (e.g. Dentists etc).

Do you know how to send mail merged emails using MS Word and data on a spreadsheet?

Have you ever scheduled your Emails? You may find it more convenient to create some emails on a Friday, but would rather send them on Monday.

Have you set up your email to display emails as conversations? This way you can easily see all the emails related to a conversation.

Do you use MS OneNote?

I am always surprised how many people have never come across one note.

Microsoft OneNote was announced by Bill Gates in late 2002 as “an application designed to allow people to capture notes in one place and then organize and use them more effectively” and had its first release as part of Office 2003.

It is super easy to use and works just like ring binder folders except you can access them from your desktop, tablet or your phone.

Windows 10 Post It Notes

Not much to say here – I just want to make sure you are aware of them and use them. They never fall off the computer and you can hide some away and leave others showing on the desktop.

MS Word

I know every-one has a different level of skill with Word and probably has different needs too. Some people may create multiple page manuals, while other people only do a one page letter, and everything in between.

Did you know you can generate your document’s readability statistics?

Have you created templates for different letters or documents?

Do you use the “Save as a PDF” ability?

Do you know how to clear formatting when pasting text from somewhere else?

Have you set Word up to use your corporate colours and fonts, rather than having to change them every time you create a document?

The fun fact about word is that it has so many cool features you can just keep learning.

Make your CRM work for you.

Okay, so some of you may not use a CRM system so please bear with me.

For those of you that do, are you getting what you need from it?

Can you get a list of potential customers that you have never connected with?

A list of people you connected with, that may be interested in your product or services? When did you last follow up with them? What is your nurturing process?

Can you create a funnel of contacts and last contact date?

Are you able to track clients back to how you first found out about them – to help with future marketing?

Do you record their website address so you can take a quick read before reaching out to them?

Do you have a list of potential leads for your prospecting calls?

Set up your Computer

Set up your web browser to open all the pages you work with

Auto open your email and other applications

Set up your Start Menu

Final Note

I could probably go on for pages with ideas, but hopefully you have found some ideas above that you wish to explore further. Fell free to add your favourites in the

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