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A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

ROI is also "Risk of Inaction"

Experience a return on your investment

Business coaching is typically centered around the goals of the business as a whole and its success as well as improving the performance of your people . This in return improves the company’s bottom line.

develop habits that will accelerate your growth

Company Benefits

Cutting edge companies know and understand the value of their people and invest in their performance, well-being, and professional development. 

All too often, a perfect action plan is created, but there is little to no follow-through. A business coach offers objective, unbiased accountability to execute the plan, learn from the outcomes, revise the plan, and take further action. 

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All my frameworks are tailored to the specific needs of my clients.  We will start with a discovery call to discuss the sorts of projects you manage and discuss the techniques you have used or are still using.

Price Guide

* Approximate
$ $1,500 First Month
  • $1,000 monthly after
  • Includes Worksheets
  • Includes Check Lists
  • Unlimited support
  • 1:1 Weekly Web meeting
Fixed Price

Build your own program

Provided I have the pieces in my coaching frameworks or I feel I can put something together I will offer a solution tailored to your needs.

'Done for you' Services

This is exactly as it sounds. I do the work for you. Perhaps you don't need to learn how to do it, you just want some-one to do it like an employee handbook or a job description, maybe even helping you talk to technical services.

Creating change by design

Have you tried to implement changes without success? Let me guide you through design thinking and agile practices

Get the right things done with time management

Do you often find there are not enough hours in the day? need some help to get back on top of everything? Let's talk.

Employee Engagement and Talent Management

Retain your top talent. Employees are no longer interested in just the salary and benefit packages,. Let me help you create rewards and recognition packages

Align your Team and company growth with a One Page Strategic Plan

Does your Team ever read the strategic plan? do they know what the goals are and engaged with the plan? If the answer is no and it is more than one page we should work together.

Making better decisions with Business Intelligence

Not every one loves to work with Data. If you know the right data to collect and how to analyze it, it can be a market changer for your business.

Create workplace culture and loyalty with your Employee Handbook

Do you have a company handbook? Is it a friendly guide for your staff? or does it read more like a rule book? Do you have the right policies and procedures in the hand book?

Successful Project Management

The world of Project Management has changed a lot in the past few years. You need to be more agile and ready to move fast with a fast paced market place. Let me guide you through some modern agile planning methodologies.

The Art of differentiation and your 'X Factor'

Are you in a competitive market place? do you know what specialisms your competitors offer? Learn how you can find a differentiator and stand out from the competition.

Become a better leader in 30 days

Being a Leader is not as easy as it first appears especially when you are working all hours to get things done. Learn how to become an authentic leader that your staff will respect and want to follow.

Improve your IT Skills in 60 days

Do you wish you could do more with your computer?
Use spreadsheets better, create some catchy YouTube Videos? Never got the time to enroll on a course? let me help you develop those sklls.
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Personal professional development

This is where you can improve any of those soft skills that are so important in business, but so often put to the side. Learn about unconscious bias, or your personality type. Perhaps a personal SWOT analysis of your skills, or maybe just improve your memory.

Setting the right goals to grow.

Have you tried "goalsetting" before, but did not get the results you were hoping for? Lets work together and get them working for you.

You will easily see the return on your investment

So, let's grow together