Tools for better productivity

Tools for better productivity

“Time Management” is the old golden chalice that many people have pursued, but what does it really take to become more productive?

At a high level it involves thinking consciously about how you spend your time, deciding which tasks matter most to you and your organization, what task you have to do, and creatively outsourcing the rest.

In today’s high tech world we can go even further, and look at the tools we all have, literally at our finger tips. Are you making the most of tools like MS Outlook, Microsoft One-Note, Excel, MS Word or even your CRM system?

In todays world productivity for your organisation will start with your strategic plan and working by the quarter. Everything else cascades from there. Using the right tools will not only help you plan and move forward, but it can also save time and frustration for the day to day work.

This concept goes hand in hand with my philosophy that people do not want information, they want transformation. The same thing goes that people no longer want better time management, they want better productivity.

Your CRM system should be providing you with the right information you need, to be on top of your customer base for retention, up sales and pursuit of new customers.

Traditional time management skills help you figure out the Urgent and Important tasks while MS Outlook can help you track and prioritise them. Many people use MS Outlook for their emails but surprisingly few use it for their to-do list or set up rules to help manage their Email. Even less people know you can split up your contacts for mailing lists. Do you use email templates?

Using one note will keep all your documents together in a similar way to the old ring binder and filing cabinets, instead of having Word documents all over your hard drive.

When you turn on your computer you can set it up to automatically open the Applications you use every day, and the web browser can be set up to automatically open multiple web pages.

Password Managers make light work of your password management, while planned and scheduled social media posts mean you can create posts for next week day by day and then schedule them all on Friday afternoon. Don’t forget to review the stats for your posts to see channels and posts have more reach.

Use MS Word to create flow diagrams for complicated processes and then save them into one Note folders for future quick reference. Did you know that Word has an in built “Readability” functionality? Have you set up templates for commonly used paper work?

Have you noticed how Post-It-Notes fall off the screen after a while or fade a bit? Have you ever tried the Windows 10 Sticky notes as an alternative?

Most people that use Excel know that it is far more powerful than the way they use it, and wish they knew how to use it better.

However efficient you get with your tools, don’t forget some of the time management basics, Learn when to say no, or that isn’t one of my priorities, and Don’t try to multi task, it is way better to focus fully on each task at a time, even if only for short bursts of time.


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