Who is in control of you and your business?

Who is in control of you and your business?

Driven by the day to day, reactive work, we harbor unconscious bias. We often believe that we are right, and they are wrong, we fear the worst and hope for the best and we tell ourselves what we can and cannot do, but how often are these thoughts connected to facts and logic or are they just what we percieve?

Most of what we do, think and feel is not under our conscious control. It is a unique, personal, virtual reality that is constructed by our brain. Our brains run mostly on autopilot and the conscious mind has little access to the processor and programming that is running in the background. The brain works in secret, conjuring ideas, while processing thousands of electrical pulses per second. The brain must make some form of sense from all of the information it receives. We may have one of those epiphany moments, but behind that epiphany is a powerful computer that has been processing different inputs against probabilities and other known information. Like any computer, the output is only as good as the underlying program, and we have all been programmed differently.

It is our programming that makes us the optimist, or pessimist. The introvert or extrovert, Cautious, Caring, Competitive, sociable, enthusiastic or even persuasive.

Vision is just one way we shape our reality.  Your fears distort your reality and may prevent you from venturing away from what you know, and feel is safe, or substituting assumption for reason or fact. We may interpret what we see, and make assumptions without the whole story, perhaps a partially overheard conversation. Listening skills is a common weakness,  where we may not listen properly because our mind has already assumed what the other party is going to say. Jumping to conclusions is simply a form of cognitive distortion.

When running a business we all know that you need to satisfy customer /client needs, but how often are these needs perceived rather than fact? Were they formed consciously, or perhaps subconsciously through data collected through social etiquette and personal belief, Social media or marketing trends? Where did those internal moral compass values come from?

So how can you take back some control?

One of the big trends today is mindfulness. Now I am not suggesting that you can solve all these issues by listening to a 20 minute YouTube mindfulness video. But if you look under the hood at what mindfulness is all about it has the following elements:

The world isn’t black and white and our beliefs may be flawed. First try to seek understanding before making a judgement.

Be wary of a phenomenon known as “Beginner’s Mind”. It’s easy to lose track if you begin to believe that you have heard, seen and experienced everything. The world is ever changing. Accept your strengths and your weaknesses, and understand the difference. Look for opportunities and be ware of threats. Correct your misconceptions about luck and about success or silver bullets and golden challises’. Have Trust and  see beyond your fears, silence that internal critic. Success is often about doing the right thing every day, simply putting one foot in front of the other and knowing where you want to go and being prepared to face those challenges on the way.

Hold yourself accountable for every moment, every thought, every detail and recognize your assumptions. Involve a third party or a group of others to bounce your ideas.

Finally remember that the world was not created in a day and neither was Rome. Harness your internal strength.

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